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Subsequent secondary schools
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The basic nine-year compulsory education, the value lies in the education of the people of moral education, intellectual education, sports, aesthetic education, labor education, science education and other primitive enlightenment. To promote and help the educated population to have the basic skills to accept and accept social life.

Subsequent secondary schools, universities and other higher education, the value lies in solving the education of the population with basic scientific research, practice, experiment, test, imitation, innovation and enlightenment. To promote and help the educated population with and accept the scientific invention and creation of specialization, industrialization, standardization, information technology and other basic skills.

Professional education and training, the value lies in the social industrialization, industrialization, economic development to provide a steady stream of skilled personnel protection. To promote and help the educated population to understand the job process, training after induction employment, acceptance and application of various types of professional positions, access to job operations basic skills.

China has a saying: ten years of trees, a hundred years tree people. Revealing the fundamental value of education, is to provide the country with lofty faith, moral and noble, honest and law-abiding, superb skills, learned

In general, the educational environment can be divided into: family environment, school environment, social environment.

The goal of education can be understood as the self-seeking personal survival skills to the pursuit of national interests, national interests, human fate continued scientific, happy and safe high-tech, for the benefit of mankind, no end!

Scientific education is three-dimensional, it is divided into four levels: school education, family education, social education and self-education.

Education refers to the activities of the education and training of the educated, the development of their physical and intellectual activities in a certain social condition, according to the needs of the society, organized, purposeful and planned.

The education process begins at birth and continues to be widely accepted for life. Some people even believe that education can start earlier, some parents let the fetus in the womb to listen to music and stories, hope to have an impact on the development of children.

The term "education" comes from the Latin educare, meaning "leads".

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